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Executive Buyer Liaison
Calderwood Realty Ltd.
is an established real estate broker in the Bulkley Valley of British Columbia.  We have provided continuous service to our area since 1939.  We are located in a high traffic area of our town’s Main Street.  Each of our agents has a minimum of ten years as a local realtor.

Calderwood fosters a spirit of cooperation and emphasizes clear and honest communication among our employees.  We stress integrity in our relationship with our customers and as a result experience a very high volume of repeat business and customer loyalty across generations.

The Bulkley Valley is a unique and special area of British Columbia.  Visitors and new arrivals are drawn by its natural beauty, the wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities from world class salmon fishing, wilderness hiking, both cross country and downhill skiing, hunting, wild berry picking to name just a few.  Being four hours’ drive from a major city, the town of Smithers offers many services and opportunities often not available in other towns of this size.

As a result there is great interest in professionals and high net worth buyers to settle here, either in retirement or as amenity migrants.

We are looking for an Executive Buyer Liaison to fill a critical role in communicating with a growing and challenging market, the foreign amenity migrant. 

The ideal candidate will be proficient in English, French and German.  You will have at least 20 years’ experience in a professional capacity including finance, investments, and property management.  You will be familiar with the similarities and differences in land ownership, title registration, and the process of buying and selling real estate in European countries, such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, for example, and British Columbia Canada. You will have experience in presenting and explaining critical concepts of investing in and understanding the role of government regulations in real estate transactions.

 The Executive Buyer Liaison will provide assistance to the licensed realtor in explaining to the prospective buyer, ideally in their native tongue, their rights and obligations when entering into a contract of purchase and sale of real estate in BC.  The successful candidate will be able to answer questions and deal with misunderstandings that invariably arise when negotiating with foreign clients whose experience with land tenure systems is subtlety different from what they will encounter when purchasing land in BC.

A license from the BC Real Estate Council is not a requirement for hire but such a license will be required within 18 months of accepting the position.

Remuneration is minimum $30/hr for 30hrs/wk + 50/wk/yr with opportunity to work 50hrs/wk/yr with opportunity to work 50hr/wk and bonuses offered as a percent of sales obtained.
$45,000-$75,000, basic- year 1
$75,000- $125,000 average year 2
$125,000- $300,000 average year 3

Potential candidates should reply with their resume to:  with subject line: Executive Buyer Liaison 

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